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Wool dryer balls are widely regarded as a fantastic, cost-effective alternative to both natural and synthetic dryer sheets. Dryer balls shorten the time spent drying clothes. They improve the efficiency of your home. Adding a few drops of essential oil to dryer balls can also improve the fragrance of your fabrics.

Why Use Essential Oils On Dryer Balls

One of the most recent trends is to use essential oils in the washer and dryer to naturally scent linens and clothing. While some people prefer to put the oils in the wash, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, if you wash your clothes at a low temperature, the oils may not combine or break down, increasing the risk of a dryer fire. On the other hand, if you wash your clothes at a higher temperature, the oils tend to wash away, which is a very unsustainable way to use them.

There are numerous advantages to using best essential oils for dryer balls for fragrance purposes rather than dryer sheets. Dryer sheets and fabric softener can both contain harmful chemicals and skin irritants, making them a major fire hazard.

Essential oils applied to dryer balls will make your clothes smell nice.
It’s also a way to use essential oils for aromatherapy in your home. Dryer balls allow air to pass through the clothes, causing them to dry faster.

Using these items increases the life of your fabrics. You can easily incorporate your favorite essential oil fragrances into your clothing.

It is less expensive than using softener sheets. Toxins released into the air are reduced by using dryer balls. You’ll use fewer chemicals that could harm people with sensitive skin. Wool dryer balls are long-lasting, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, natural, and popular.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Dryer Balls

Lavender Essential Oil

Typically, lavender essential oil is the best fit for dryer balls, provided you must use it properly.

Apply lavender essential oil to dryer balls while doing laundry. If you wear such clothes, you can reduce stress and anxiety. The lavender flowers are used to make this oil.

Lavender oil can be used to scent bed linens, sheets, and duvet covers. It can also be used on pajamas and blankets. The relaxing scent of lavender can help you sleep well.

Rose Essential Oil

Use rose oil on your clothing to keep a positive attitude throughout the day. To enjoy its strong floral fragrance, apply it to dryer balls while doing laundry. Rose essential oil is a luxurious and expensive oil that is extracted from the petals of the rose flower. Use only one drop at a time.

This organic oil has antibacterial properties. During stressful situations, it reduces anxiety and soothes the body. Use for duvet covers, pillowcases, bed sheets, and other personal items.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil, particularly the Roman extract, may be able to alleviate anxiety and depression. This oil, extracted from the herb’s flower, has a mild, floral aroma. According to anecdotal evidence, chamomile may be able to reduce stress and anxiety, relax the nerves, inspire and revitalize you.

Suitable Dryer Ball To Use With Essential Oil

This dryer ball fits well with essential oil.

It contains the following features:

  • All Natural

With 100% New Zealand wool with no fillers, this dryer ball is handmade.

  • Decrease Laundry Winkles

Wool dryer balls reduce wrinkles and drying time by lifting and separating your laundry as it tumbles. Wool dryer balls will keep your clothes soft and fluffy while reducing static cling.

  • Time, Energy And Money Saving

Dryer balls help your laundry dry faster by allowing hot air to circulate more evenly inside your dryer, reducing drying time overall. Dryer balls can save time, energy, and electricity by reducing drying time, which ultimately saves money.

How To Scent The Dryer Balls With Essential Oils

When you add essential oils to your laundry, you’ll get a lovely, subtle scent that’s safe and non-toxic.

Simply add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to each ball and toss them in the dryer for a minute or two to ensure the oil has soaked in (you don’t want any oil stains on your fabrics). Then simply toss in your laundry and enjoy the benefits of that subtle essential oil on all of your laundry for weeks!

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When Not To Use Essential Oils With Dryer Balls

Don’t put essential oils in your dryer balls, and don’t put essential oils in anything else you put in your washer or dryer. Wool Dryer Balls are a fantastic way to avoid using toxic and harshly fragranced dryer sheets, so they are definitely worth considering for those who want to avoid using toxic chemicals in their laundry.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are flammable and can cause a fire hazard when mixed with dryer balls or dryer sheets. Furthermore, if essential oils are added to your wash or are already on your clothing and are not thoroughly rinsed away during the wash cycle, they may pose a fire hazard. Washing clothing at lower temperatures poses the greatest risk because the lower temperatures encourage essential oils to remain on clothing.

After your clothes have been washed, dried, and removed from the dryer, you can use sachets to gently and naturally fragrance your clothing and towels.

Read about this important note for more info –

Moving On

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and well-being, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils even while doing mundane chores like laundry. Using essential oils on dryer balls is a great way to infuse your laundry with a pleasant scent, and there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing which oil to use and how to apply it. We’ve outlined some of the most important considerations below, but if you have any questions or need help finding the right product, be sure to message us – we’re always happy to help!

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